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Bharat Petroleum

Discover the rich history of Bharat Petroleum, India’s ‘best performing’ Maharatna Public Sector Undertaking, and its journey from being an Oil and Gas Company in India to a Fortune 500 oil refining, exploration, and marketing conglomerate.

The Retail Revolution(1930)

With the advent of motor cars, came canned Petrol to be subsequently followed by fuel service stations. In the 1930s, retail sale points were built with driveways set away from the road. As more such service stations began to appear, they soon became an accepted part of road infrastructure and development.

Postwar, Burmah Shell established efficient and up-to-date fuel service and filling stations to give its customers the highest possible standard of service facilities.

From the ground to the sky

From the ground to the sky (1932 – 1962)

On 15th October 1932, when civil aviation arrived in India, Burmah Shell had the honor of fuelling J.R.D. Tata’s historic solo flight in a single-engined De Havilland Puss Moth from Karachi to Bombay via Ahmedabad. Thirty years later, i.e. in 1962, Burmah Shell again had the privilege of fuelling Mr. Tata’s re-enactment of the original flight.

The company also fuelled the erstwhile flying boats that carried airmail, at slightly higher rates than sea transport, across several locations.