Dealerships for Regular & Rural Retail Outlets (Petrol Pump)

The process of setting up of a Petrol Pump distributorship starts with the release of an open advertisement in the Online Application informing the locations where Petrol Pump Agencies proposes to set up HP , ONGC , BHARAT, Indian oil Petrol Pump agencies.

Interested candidates, meeting the stated requirements, are required to apply in the application form (given below), as per the details given in the open advertisement.

The applications are scrutinized, interviews are conducted and the successful candidate is selected.

Latest Update

Eligibility Criteria

1. उम्र कम-से-कम 21 वर्ष (AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE)
2. मैट्रिक या उससे ज्यादा पढे-लिखे (MATRIC OR ABOVE)
3. कम्प्यूटर का सामान्य ज्ञान रखने वाले (COMPUTER LITERATE)
4. कार्य मेंअपनी कुछ पूंजी लगा सकने की क्षमता वाले (WILLING TO INVEST SOME MONEY IN PROJECT)
5. जिम्मेवार (RESPONSIBLE)
6. कर्मठ (LABOURIOUS)
7. बेरोजगार ब्यक्ति (UNEMPLOYED)
Other Requirements:
1. Size of premises – 10X10 (minimum 100 sq feet), and a counter. There must be adequate space for customers
2. System configuration – PC (laptop) with a minimum 20 GB configuration hard disk
3. Internet Connection Webcam and a standard printer
4. Registration and Training Fee Apply
5. Services to be provided at Franchisor

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